Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All About Graham

I love him so much!!
My little Graham is the kind of low-maintenance kid every mother dreams of. He's super easygoing and sweet. Everyone falls in love with this kid. The teenage girl who helps her mom in nursery told me Graham is her favorite baby. :) I don't blame her!

Grahammy-bear is so tender-hearted. He loves people and radiates joy all the time. He's soft, squishy, and doesn't mind being cuddled and kissed all day long. He and I play a game where he toddles across the room and then runs back to me with open arms for a huge, belly-laughing hug. All I need to do is crouch down, hold my arms out, and we're playing his favorite game. So cute!

He has a sweet laugh and smiles most of the time. Sometimes, he can throw tantrums and be emotional, but he calms down pretty easily as long as he's distracted by something. He likes to end his sentences with "mommy." For example, he'll say, "Look, airplane, mommy!" or he'll say, "Oh, a treat, mommy!" I guess he likes to make sure I know he's addressing me. :) 

He went through a spell of throwing his food that was not fun, but he's mostly over that now. He will not sit in a high chair anymore - only the stool! He sits like a big boy next to his brother whenever they eat meals together. He drinks from a big boy cup and eats with a fork and spoon. Such a big guy! He likes to copy his brother. 

Graham is really helpful around the house. He will put his dish in the sink, he'll throw his diaper away when I ask, if I tell him I need to change his diaper, he'll go lay down for me. He's really obedient. He'll even clean up his toys when I ask him to. What?! I know. He will be a calming influence on his brother, I'm sure. 

He loves the cartoon "Bubble Guppies" and sings the song when I'm not looking. He also knows the ABC song, Hot Chelle Ray's "Tonight, Tonight" (at least the chorus), and the Sunbeam song. If you try to join in and sing with him, though, he'll say, "noooo" in this little sad voice, like he doesn't want you to ruin it for him. Haha! He knows almost all his ABCs by sight. He is talking a lot more than Calvin did at his age, but it's probably because he's copying his brother. 

This little angel is such a blessing in my life. I do not know what I would do without him! He's such a calm little spirit. He brings me so much joy. I really want him to stay my little baby forever. I can't handle the fact that he's getting older. My two little guys keep me busy, but they sure are fun. I can't wait to see how these two continue to grow and play together! 

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