Thursday, January 6, 2011

Highlights and Lowlights of 2010

This post was inspired by TJ. For Christmas, he spoiled me with presents (including a spa package and a box of my favorite chocolates), but I have to say my favorite gift was his note to me. TJ writes the most wonderfully funny and heartfelt notes I've ever read. He has a true gift! Since he is so considerably talented with words, I will include excerpts from his note in this post.


1. Car Broken Into. In TJ's words, "Ash, you're the one who always leaves your GPS sitting out in the open for the whole world to see, and MY car is the one that gets broken into, ironic. Who would have thought!? Maybe the guy who did it had a pregnant wife who needed him at the hospital immediately and he didn't know how to get there so he had to bust my window and steal my GPS. We really don't know the situation. Jokes on him though -- it was a Magellan. I just wish he would have also taken the Book of Mormon sitting in the backseat. If he/she/it was feeling guilty for what he did to me, he could have read about how Nephi stole the brass plates from Laban :)"
2. Oakland "Pet Store". Again, as TJ said, "I know you love dogs. I CAN'T tell you how excited I was to surprise you and take you to the one and only place in Oakland that sells dogs. Now, I've been to pet stores before....that was not a pet store. That place was like a maximum security prison for canines. I had a bad feeling (in my nose) the second we walked in. Wow. Sorry, Ash, Teeje really blew that one. I owe you a new pet store trip." Haha - it really was an interesting pet store.... Only in Oakland. I still loved the surprise though.
3. Chris Kimball Book Signing. Me: "Mr. Kimball, I'm your biggest fan!"
Chris Kimball: [sarcastically and without smiling] "...greeeeat."
Enough said. He really is one of my heroes. We went all the way out there and waited in line for that? :(

1. Getting Married. Obviously. :)
2. SF Half Marathon. Have I swapped running for the eliptical since? Yes. Do I regret racing? No way. What a great race. TJ was so proud. :)
3. TJ's Excellent Work Reviews. TJ has really shone at work this past year. I know he had a hard time at first and the firm still works him to death, but TJ has risen to the challenge time and again and has exceeded all expectations. He gets great ratings on his audits and works so hard to ensure that he does a good job. I'm so pleased with him!! What I love most is how humble he is about any and all compliments. If you were to ask him about his job and how he is at it, he'd say, "Nahhhh, I suck. Seriously. I'm the smelly kid in class."

We had such a great year last year. I'm so glad that we have and will continue to grow together as a couple. I'm so glad we got to spend a relaxing Christmas with my family in Utah - and see the TJ's family on New Year's Eve.

Bring it on, 2011!