Monday, July 7, 2014

Graham is two months old!

This little sweetie pie is two months old already! I feel so, so lucky to have him as my son. He is so unbelievably sweet and peaceful. He has a powerful little spirit that just radiates love and calm. He laughs, smiles, and babbles after his feedings and it's just adorable. I've finally been able to work out a good routine for our days and Graham fits right into it just fine. Even on off days, he is still sweet and easygoing. He rarely cries. Maybe a couple of minutes total a day. Yesterday, at his baby blessing, Melissa just couldn't stop saying how unbelievably calm he was. Aunt Lori, with tears in her eyes, expressed the overwhelming feeling of the spirit of peace and calm she felt when she laid eyes on him in his adorable little white blessing outfit Grandma got him. He is special! When I hold him at night for his dream feed, and he's all snuggly and sleepy, I get such a powerful manifestation of the spirit that this little boy is so precious. The phrase that came to my mind was, "he's too precious for this world." I'm really glad Heavenly Father is loaning him to me as my son for his mortal existence. :)

Speaking of his baby blessing, it was such a beautiful experience for me. I loved having so much family come to share in that day. TJ's mom and dad, Sean, Melissa and Dave, Rachelle, Aunt Mel and Aunt Lori, and sweet Grandma Smedley. Even though we have 9am sacrament meeting, they all came from far away to support and love Graham. It was awesome! Graham, of course, pooped all over his outfit right before his blessing :) haha! Huge explosion! He's only ever had one or two others in his life. It was so funny. Good timing, buddy :) I'll take some pictures of him in his outfit when I get it bleached and clean again.

We love Grandma Nicholes!!

I've enjoyed reading my old posts about Calvin's routine at this age because it's helped me remember what worked and what didn't. Our routine each day goes like this: 

6:30 or 7:00am - feed Graham
7:30 - Get Calvin and feed him breakfast 
8:00 - get both boys ready for our jog (we got a double jogging stroller and I love it!! Grandpa Nicholes helped us make sure it was all straight and evenly calibrated :) On our jog, we stop midway at a park so Calvin can play for a half hour or so. He loves it. Graham stays asleep during most of our jog. He kind of wakes up a little when we stop at the park, but that's why I stop midway instead of at the end. By the time we get going again, he falls back to sleep. 
10:00 - Graham's next feeding; Calvin's independent playtime. I quickly get ready for the day. 
11:00 - play with Calvin while Graham naps.
12:00 - lunch with Calvin 
12:30-1:00 - stories and then Calvin's nap time
12:30 or 1:00 - Graham's feeding
2:00 - Graham's nap, and then, if I've planned well, MY nap. Yay!
3:30 or 4:00 - we're all up, another feed for Graham while Calvin watches some Elmo. Then we all play and usually it's at this time Calvin and I have "school". ;)
5:00 - 5:30 - Graham goes down for another nap and Calvin "helps" me fix dinner or do a couple chores.
6:00 - 6:30 - usually TJ's home and we have dinner together. 
7:00 - I feed Graham while Calvin has baths with dad, and then I usually bathe Graham after his feed. Usually Calvin is still in the bath. It's really fun to see these two having nakey bath time together! Haha. 
8:00 bed for both kids, after stories and prayers. Then TJ and I collapse in a heap and watch a show together. Jeopardy, 24... Maybe Bachelor. Don't judge ;) 
10:30 - quick sleepy dream feed, where Graham isn't changed or burped. He takes a bottle and is right back in bed. He's asleep the whole time. And then - the best part - he sleeps alllll night. Yay!

Now, what I didn't write is how usually my day includes about 20 time outs for Calvin and some bad naps for Graham where he wakes after 45 min. When he does, I usually just put him in the swing for the rest of his nap and he sleeps there. We also run errands together and have days where I feel like all I'm doing is cleaning. Sometimes I put Calvin in his "standing station" with some crackers and a show so I can get some things done (don't hate me). All in all, though, our days have become pretty smooth. It's really nice!

Stories before bed.

Bath time! Calvin's favorite. :)

Two in diapers! I really need to potty train Calvin... 
Calvin "hiding" because he stole Graham's paci. Funny little guy. 

Oh, how I love newborn snuggles!!

I sure love my three boys!!