Monday, May 17, 2010

Docks and Crescent Rolls

It's so great to have TJ home from all his business trips! To be honest, we haven't participated in lots of activities lately. Weekends are an excuse for us to crash and burn after a long week of work. We ventured out this past Sunday, however, to check out a frisbee golf course in Berkeley. It was too windy to play anything, but we had a nice little walk on the pier stretching towards San Francisco.

TJ was a little chilly. And yet wore flip flops.....

TJ says that while traveling to different cities and eating out on the company may sound glamorous, it gets really tedious and his company just uses travel as an excuse to work their employees to death. Poor guy. He did a great job though and earned his first four star review! (That's accountant-speak for "awesomely outrageous")

I made some homemade crescent rolls this past weekend. Wow - I did not realize how much work they would be! Who knew that those little guys you can buy in the tube from the deli section of the grocery store take so much time and effort to make from scratch? But it was worth it! They were tender, buttery, and absolutely delicious. I'd post the recipe, but it's found on the Cook's Illustrated website ( If you've never heard of America's Test Kitchen, Cook's Illustrated, or Cook's Country, I truly feel sad for you! Go check it out. Very inspiring for anyone who loves cooking. :)