Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This makes me smile!

TJ's in North Carolina for a while on business...and I really miss him when he's gone. I stumbled across this photo tonight and just had to post it. Happiest day of my life. :) Hurry home, Teeje!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hi, Friend(s)

I put the "s" in parentheses because I can only assume more than one person reads this blog :)

Someone's been a huge slacker in the blog department lately... namely, yours truly. However, I feel justified in my slacking because I believe I can safely say that TJ and I have never been busier or more stressed in our lives. My poor husband has had exactly 8 hours of sleep in the last four days. I'm so proud of him and his work ethic... but also worried he's going to drop dead soon. :( He's been so swamped at work lately. Poor TJ! I hope this stupid audit ends soon.

I'm not much less busy myself these days. I am currently flying to Utah once a week to finish up my masters degree this semester. Everyone always says the same thing: "Wow, that is expensive!" However, math is on my side, believe it or not! California tuition has skyrocketed in the last few years (even for residents), and even if I did transfer, they would only accept 6 or 12 of my 30-something credits. So, I'd end up being in school for another couple years, taking courses I've already taken, and paying out-of-state tuition (which roughly equals the GDP of a small country). So! Now you can see how my "crazy" plan isn't so crazy after all :)

On top of that, I still have my old job, volunteer at an inner-city school in Oakland (ever seen the movie "Lean on Me" with Morgan Freeman? It's like that - minus Morgan Freeman), and TJ and I apartment manage to get free rent. Somewhere in between, I fit in homework and manage to not fail (yet!). Sometimes, I wonder if we've officially bitten off more than we can chew... but it's amazing what one can do when in survival mode. I know we'll thank ourselves later. :)

So, my friend(s), wish us luck during this next phase of our lives. We will need it. It will be nice to take a little break tomorrow to see our good friends Kevin and Kyla tie the knot!! I think it will remind us what matters most - our marriage. :)