Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hi, Friend(s)

I put the "s" in parentheses because I can only assume more than one person reads this blog :)

Someone's been a huge slacker in the blog department lately... namely, yours truly. However, I feel justified in my slacking because I believe I can safely say that TJ and I have never been busier or more stressed in our lives. My poor husband has had exactly 8 hours of sleep in the last four days. I'm so proud of him and his work ethic... but also worried he's going to drop dead soon. :( He's been so swamped at work lately. Poor TJ! I hope this stupid audit ends soon.

I'm not much less busy myself these days. I am currently flying to Utah once a week to finish up my masters degree this semester. Everyone always says the same thing: "Wow, that is expensive!" However, math is on my side, believe it or not! California tuition has skyrocketed in the last few years (even for residents), and even if I did transfer, they would only accept 6 or 12 of my 30-something credits. So, I'd end up being in school for another couple years, taking courses I've already taken, and paying out-of-state tuition (which roughly equals the GDP of a small country). So! Now you can see how my "crazy" plan isn't so crazy after all :)

On top of that, I still have my old job, volunteer at an inner-city school in Oakland (ever seen the movie "Lean on Me" with Morgan Freeman? It's like that - minus Morgan Freeman), and TJ and I apartment manage to get free rent. Somewhere in between, I fit in homework and manage to not fail (yet!). Sometimes, I wonder if we've officially bitten off more than we can chew... but it's amazing what one can do when in survival mode. I know we'll thank ourselves later. :)

So, my friend(s), wish us luck during this next phase of our lives. We will need it. It will be nice to take a little break tomorrow to see our good friends Kevin and Kyla tie the knot!! I think it will remind us what matters most - our marriage. :)


  1. Where are you managing? And for what company?

  2. I'm so proud of you Ashley... your life is crazy hectic and you still manage to smile!!

  3. Reading that posted honestly stressed me out. But on the other hand, good job for doing all that you guys can do. You will look back and feel so dang proud of yourselves! Good luck!