Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Final Countdown

With just over 3 weeks to go until my due date, I'm getting more and more anxious for this little guy to come. I'll be full term this coming week, and technically can plan on the baby coming at any time. Statistically, though, I will likely be pregnant well through September. I guess I'm okay with that, as long as my little cutie comes to this world healthy and happy.

TJ and I had a weekend filled with yet more baby preparations. Friday night was dedicated to cleaning and organizing the kitchen, while Saturday was spent at our first of two natural birthing classes. The class went from 9am to 4pm, so it was a bit of a long day, but a very informative one. I thought he would hate it, but Teeje said he really learned a lot and is so glad he went. The woman teaching the class was awesome. She's a doula who's given birth naturally eight times. Holy moly! We were taught some great positions and techniques to help us for when I'm in labor. TJ will be such a fantastic support person. I'm really lucky to have him! He was even willing to don the dreaded pregnancy vest our teachers made the men rotate during class. Poor guy. He did say it helped him empathize with me a little better, though. :)

We rewarded ourselves that night by going on a fancy, romantic dinner date. It will probably be our last one before we are a family of 3, so we thought we'd better squeeze it in while we could! Instead of getting dessert at the restaurant (our bill was already over $100), we decided to grab some of my favorite ice cream and take a little walk together. It makes me kind of sad and nostalgic to know that our days of it "just being the two of us" are soon gone. However, I am really excited for us to be joined by our cute son. Change is tough sometimes, but totally worth it in the end. 

I realize I've taken pregnancy pictures in the same position for almost every photo, but that's for two reasons: 

1. It's the most flattering angle :)
2. I can better compare my growth along the way

Here I am at 36.5 weeks. 

Good heavens, my belly is out of control. I think the baby has "dropped", meaning his little head has burrowed into my pelvis in preparation for labor, so that means I waddle even more than usual these days. I made a mistake this week and tried taking a brisk 4 mile walk instead of my usual elliptical workout. After the walk, I felt pretty good but a little tender in my pelvis. I sat down for about an hour and when I tried getting up again was overwhelmed with how sore I was! WOW. I could barely walk. Each step felt like a punch in the you-know-where. Luckily, this feeling has mostly passed now that I've rested a little more. Note to self: no more walks until after the baby comes. Or hikes. Or jogging of any kind. Ouchie. 

Wish me luck with labor! Hopefully, my next post will be my birth story!