Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best Part of Halloween

I love Halloween and carving pumpkins! I always thought I was pretty good at it until I met a young man named TJ. He made it look like my pumpkin had been hacked at by a toddler. Oh well! We still had so much fun. We drank hot cocoa and watched Simpsons Treehouse of Horror clips all night. Here are our pictures! TJ's pumpkin says "hungy" below it, with the ghoul pointing towards its mouth :) Mine is the owl below that.
I just love the holiday season! The chill in the air and the turning leaves make me feel like curling up next to a cozy fire to drink hot chocolate while reading a great book. I almost bought a huge bag of Halloween candy for our trick-or-treaters....only I couldn't justify it because I am almost certain we will have no one come. The entrance to our home is very tricky to find, even for us :) Oh, well! It doesn't stop me from making all kinds of yummy Halloween treats. Next post will include said treats along with their corresponding recipes.

I'd also like to give a quick shout-out to my sweet husband TJ for working so diligently. He's been pulling a lot of late nights and early mornings these days for his job. Poor guy :( He doesn't even complain. Such a trooper.
I'm really lucky to be married to such a hard worker!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


A few weeks ago, TJ and I went on a really fun campout with Jamie and Brandon, his sister and her husband (along with little Easton, my nephew). We had a blast! If there is anyone who knows how to prepare for an amazing time, it's Jamie. She packed all kinds of treats for us to snack on around the campfire. I loved watching TJ try to start a fire - only he would develop an elaborately designed system of layered twigs and toilet paper to get the flames going. It worked, though! I loved sitting around and sharing stories with everyone. What a blast! Thanks Jamie for a great time! This is the area where we camped. I'd include pictures of us if I had any (my photo-phobia is rearing its ugly head...)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've gotten lazy about the blog - bottom line. For those of you who may be interested, however, here is what we have been up to lately.

1. We got a Vitamix! It's a pretty glorious machine, I must admit. TJ wanted to make smoothies that were "Jamba" caliber. I think we're almost there! As long as we don't
include the dirty-sock-smelling Greek yogurt purchased at Costco. I got it when they didn't have the Activia yogurt we usually get. Since I discovered that it tastes like armpits on its own, I thought I would try to sneak it into his smoothies - allowing the other flavors to mask it. No dice. He could tell. :( TJ's not a waster.... so I guess I'll be choking this stuff down for the next few weeks. Gah.
2. We have raccoons that set off our motion lights on the porch. TJ's new home-improvement project: do it yourself raccoon traps. I guess we'll see what happens there.. :)
3. Jack London Square - we went for their International Food Festival. It was fun! We got Sisig (Filipino) tacos, chocolate gobs, Mexican grilled corn, and Falafel. Then all the different ethnicities in our stomachs waged war on each other...ouchie.
4. Saw Inception. Amazing!
5. I finished the Hunger Games trilogy. Super lame towards the end. Sorry for those of you that liked it :)
6. Met up with old friends - Heath, Kelsie, and Ricky. Good times! Sorry about the Mariners, Heath :( they lost to the A's over labor day weekend.
7. I'm PREGNANT! ............. ok, not really. Just wanted something to sound exciting in this list!