Friday, November 30, 2012


We spent our Thanksgiving with the Smedleys this year and it was so fun! Calvin was being a really good baby for everyone and I loved watching the family gush over how cute he is. TJ was so excited to play games, namely Settlers of Catan. He gets really competitive when playing Uncle Kelly because Uncle Kelly is pretty much unbeatable. We ate such delicious food, chatted about life, and swapped "new parent" stories. The Smedleys are just the most wonderful people. Since day one, they've treated me like family and have been so open and kind. I sure love them. :)

I made us some yummy cinnamon rolls the morning of Thanksgiving. TJ and I enjoyed them while sipping hot chocolate and watching the parade in our pajamas. Well, we couldn't really watch the parade, to be honest, because the TV kept going in and out. We still had a fun morning, though. Hopefully we can solidify that tradition next year. By the way - the secret to delicious, soft, melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls? Use half cake flour. :)

Five minutes into our arrival and TJ's deeply engrossed in Catan. Love it.

Sweet Grandma Smedley just loved holding her great-grandson. She has the magic touch with babies! It was really great to capture this moment with them together.

Grandma says it's never too early to smack a child on the butt when he's being naughty. Just kidding. :) She's gently patting his back to get a little burp out. He ended up loving that position, so she held him on his tummy the rest of the time he was with her. I think he left a whole puddle of drool on that carpet, though. :)

Aunt Mel and Mr. Calvin. Wow... he looks so chubby in this picture! My little chunk.

Aunt Sue had a magic hold that she said she used to help her boys stop crying. Sure enough, Calvin loved it! I've used it at home to help him calm down a few times. Works like a charm! Thanks, Aunt Sue!

TJ and the gang playing Manila. He says it's the most fun game on the planet, but I am having a really hard time finding it anywhere. I think it's out of print :(. SAD! I wish I could find it so I could surprise TJ with it for Christmas.

I held Calvin while he slept during the game. He makes the cutest faces when he sleeps. He was smiling so big here, but I didn't catch it at the right time. He even laughs in his sleep sometimes. It melts my heart.

TJ's cousins, Casey and Kayla. Casey is expecting her first baby girl this next year, so she got a little baby practice with Calvin! I love these girls.

TJ's brother, Sean, was so great with Calvin. He just laid so peacefully in his uncle's arms.

My little cutie!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mr. Calvin at Two Months

I can't believe 2 months have already flown by with my little man! TJ and I are totally in love with this kid. We think he is really cute. I love kissing his tummy and pinching his chub! Here are a few tidbits about his life.

He really likes bath time now, although it took some getting used to for him.

He sleeps 7 hours (or more) every night. Mom REALLY likes this one. :)

He is grumpy when he is hungry, too tired, or overstimulated.

He loves playtime with his mom and dad and smiles and laughs a lot.

He is starting to babble and make noises, and it is seriously the cutest thing ever.

He loves tummy time.

He now has a hard time taking a bottle, though he will still take one after lots of coaxing.

He scratches his face too often and then gets really mad about it.

He does NOT like naptime, even though I definitely know when he is tired. He will fuss for a good 10, 20, or even 30 minutes before finally drifting off to sleep. He knows when naptime is coming and starts to cry as he's being swaddled. He's even broken out of his velcro swaddle a few times. I've tried putting him down for naps with one arm unswaddled, but he still isn't quite ready for that step. Almost, though! I've experimented with less waketime, more waketime, less stimulation, more stimulation, bedtime routine, etc. I'm even currently keeping a spreadsheet to help me track his nap patterns so I can maybe discover what works and what doesn't. Yes, I know. I am obsessive and crazy. If you'd had to deal with this kid during naptime, though, you'd do the same thing. Trust me. :) I will say he has gotten much, much better, though.

He does not like to leave the house. He has a hard time in the stroller or carseat, so I am kind of stuck at home until TJ gets back from work in the evenings. I will sometimes try to take him out to do errands or go shopping, but I usually regret doing so. I think he may be too alert for his own good - when he sees all the new sights and hears all the new sounds, he just can't nap. Then he's even harder to put down for the next nap. It's a vicious cycle! I hope he gets more portable as time goes on. For now, though, he doesn't really nap in the carseat or stroller.

He has a very strong neck.

He is quite fussy between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. I know this is pretty normal for babies, though. If he won't nap in his napper, I'll put him in the swing so he gets at least some rest. He usually does not fall asleep in the swing, though.

He loves it when dad gets home and plays with him.

And, finally...

He is a very sweet baby and is super cuddly. He is so happy to see me after his naps! He sometimes even wakes up calmly and happily.

Here are some fun pictures I took of him all dressed up as a little gentleman. Mr. Calvin would like you all to know that tee time is at 2pm. :)

Being a mom is hard work. It's fun work, though. :) Look how cute he is! Totally worth it all.