Wednesday, March 30, 2016

All About Calvin

Little blueberry face!
Oh, Calvin. My sweet little stubborn guy. 

I'm not sure even what to say about this kid. Let's start with the good stuff. He's so funny! He likes to imitate people and tease his younger brother all day. He sometimes talks baby talk and thinks it's hilarious. He's also really smart. He catches on quickly to most things, but only when he's 100% ready. Otherwise, watch out. He knows all his ABC's and their sounds, all his digraphs and blends, all the numbers, all his sight words (about 100), all his colors, and how to count. He still resists potty training which makes me insane. I honestly want to go crazy!! He sometimes tells me when he needs to go, but when I ask him to pee before naps or at night, he always puts up a fight. It goes something like this: 

Me: Calvin, it's time to go pee, then we'll read a story!
Me: Either you go sit on the potty, or I will have to put you on the potty. 
Calvin: NOOOOOOO (runs away)
Me: Calvin! I will count to five, and if you don't come to me, you're in time out! One! Two! Three!
Calvin: (running to me) Stop counting!!
Me: You need to say, "yes, Mommy," when I ask you to go pee. Ready? Calvin, you need to go pee.
Calvin: Yes, Mom.
Me: No, I said to say, "yes, Mommy." Say, "yes, mommy."
Calvin: No, mommy. (Runs away.)
Me: (head exploding) Calvin, you need a time out for not obeying. 
Calvin: NOOOO! (As I carry him to time out.)
Me: Okay, are you ready to do a pee now? 
Calvin: (defeated at last) Yes, Mommy.

This little interaction gives you a snippet into my day with this strong-willed little guy. He resists almost everything I ask him to do. Don't be fooled by his "yes, Mom," response and how it seems close enough. Nope. He knows exactly what he is doing! Anything he can do to wriggle away from my rules or standards is what he's after. He likes to test me at every turn - at people's houses where he thinks I won't be as strict, at the park, at church, etc. He's an "aggressive researcher" as one book calls them. All this means is I have to be 100% consistent with him at every turn, and I would be lying if I said I didn't lose my patience sometimes. It's really hard to constantly have to reinforce rules and obedience. Really, really, really hard! I've tried the more lenient and flexible route, and his behavior becomes even worse because he now thinks he's in charge. It's really exhausting!

I love him with all my heart. I know he's going to conquer the world someday! He must have a really cool plan on this earth, but like an untamed stallion, I think he needs me to help him control his emotions to achieve his best. And I know he can achieve spectacular things. He's so smart and he already reads people so well. I can't believe a three-year-old can already grasp the mood of a room and when he can take advantage of a laid-back setting versus when he can't. He'll sure test, though. Over and over. Even if there's a firm consequence, which there always is, he still tests to see if I'll crack just once. 

Calvin is very social. He loves his friends so much! Every day he asks to see Sally, Rowan, or Finley. He's really good about playing without as much of my supervision, something I couldn't have said a year ago. He jumps at the opportunity to be responsible and lead. Any time I ask him to help me throw away a diaper or get a snack for Graham, he does it. I've even asked him to go into the bathroom to get the lotion or help put toothpaste on the toothbrushes, and he'll do it. He likes responsibility. Cleaning up his toys, not so much. But as long as we do it together, he seems willing. It's taken months of time outs and consequences to get him to clean up his toys! But he's finally doing it without too much complaining these days. 

He's really creative in his play. I'll hear him doing voices for his toys and reenacting episodes of Dora or Diego. It's so cute. He isn't great at building with his legos, but he will build train tracks and seems pretty into that right now. He also likes to color, play Candyland, and do our reading lessons. But once he's bored, there's little chance he'll come back around. It's on to the next thing. I probably need to work on that with him.

We love him so much. I know some days can be trying, but I also know he's a really special spirit who has lots to do in his life. I only pray I can be the right mom he needs to guide him! 

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  1. This makes me so happy!!! I've missed your family like crazy! I'm still not over the fact that I moved so far away. :( Calvin and Logan seem to have pretty similar personalities still. haha Kiss those boys for me!