Monday, February 27, 2012

Planetarium Date

Well, little baby Nicholes is making great strides as I almost wrap up the first trimester. And I'm excited for it to be over... not that I don't love being pregnant, but the nausea and exhaustion are less than fun sometimes. We go in for our second ultrasound tomorrow and I can't wait! Hearing and seeing the heartbeat makes it all the more real. That, and the baby should look more like a baby rather than just a little lump.

As far as cravings go, I haven't really had anything out of the ordinary. The nausea has been really annoying. I'll think that I want to eat something, prepare it, take one bite, and then decide that's not what I want after all. Kind of frustrating! Still, I've not thrown up, so that's very lucky. I am excited for when my appetite will finally return.

This weekend, TJ took me on a surprise date to the Planetarium! We're nerdy like that. :) We had fun wandering around the exhibits and learning more about the universe. They had these fun stages in one exhibit where you could feel what it was like to walk on the moon or Mars. TJ couldn't resist jumping in and posing for me. He then took a couple pictures of me, but I looked at them later and decided the world didn't need them - delete! Teeje got really mad at me for doing that. He hates my camera shyness. Hopefully, I'll get over it soon enough so I can take some baby bump pictures.

TJ playing "golf" with the astronauts.

No words for this one. Haha! He must be looking at an alien.

We were lucky enough to have dinner with MiLinh and her fiance Tyler last night. She made the most delectable meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn! So delicious. I wish I had taken a picture!! Just know that it looked something like this:

So yummy!! Thanks MiLinh for an amazing meal. She's also in pharmacy school and pretty much one of the smartest people on earth. We can't all be so lucky :) Tyler and MiLinh are an awesome match. Can't wait for their wedding!


  1. Love love love this!! Love that we both have Drs apts tomorrow! I wanna see an ultrasound photo!! Love u guys!

  2. TJ, do you still believe the moon landing was a hoax?