Monday, April 16, 2012

Slideshow for TJ's Birthday

I made this slideshow for TJ's birthday by gathering lots of pictures from friends and family. It's long and a little cheesy at the end, but check it out if you're interested. :) 


  1. I loved it!!!! So fun!! You did a great job! Props to my mom - I can't believe she pulled through so well. Glad you learned a new skill, mom. :) It made the video.

    We watched this together for FHE tonight. Our lesson was on FAMILIES...and we honored TJ's birthday from afar with this video. It made me so proud to be a member of my family and be TJ's sister. Love you guys!

  2. Ashley, Rich and I have sure enjoyed watching this video over and over and over! Thanks so much for putting it together and sharing it with us. TJ's such a bright spot in our lives and we're so glad he found someone as special as you! We love you both!