Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anniversary #2, Valentine's Day, & A Special Announcement...

Hi friends!

TJ and I have had the most wonderful few months since my last post. Thanksgiving in Bear Lake, Christmas in Seattle, our second wedding anniversary, and a lovely Valentine's day. We can't stop smiling about how great it is to be back in Utah. Sometimes we think back to how stressful our lives were in Oakland and count our many blessings that we are in Salt Lake City.

Christmas in Seattle was fantastic. TJ and I were spoiled by his cute parents and had a blast catching up with everyone. We didn't realize how much we missed Jamie, Brandon, Easton, Mandy, and Mom and Dad Nicholes. Mandy got engaged to her dream-man, Chad, who also spent the holiday with the Nicholes/Smith clan! He'll love being a part of this family, that's for sure. TJ and I also got to meet baby Bennett for the first time! What a little sweetheart. He is such a mild baby that he gave me more confidence in myself - not all babies cry when I hold them! ;) I have the cutest nephews on earth! Here is a cute pic of them with their grandma and grandpa (I hope Jamie is ok with me using these pictures!).

And here is TJ practicing being a daddy :)

For New Year's Eve, TJ and I drove up to Mountain Green to be with his grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. When we go to the Smedley's, we play board games, board games, board games! It was so fun. I was a little sad that after 7 hours of playing I hadn't won a single game... but hey, I'm playing with pros over here! I put my competitive side to rest and just enjoyed being with family. :)

On Valentine's day, TJ surprised me at home with roses, chocolates, and sparkling peach cider. I'm one lucky girl! He took time out of his VERY busy work day to do this for me. I was already spoiled over the weekend and this put it over the top.

Speaking of the weekend, TJ and I celebrated our anniversary at The Roof for dinner and then Anniversary Inn for a little retreat. It was so fun! I can't believe two years have already flown by with my cutie. I still remember the first time we met like it was yesterday. Here's one of my favorite pictures of us on our wedding day.

Two years later, I think we're even happier.
Why, you may ask? Well, TJ and I are expecting our first little baby in September! We can hardly wait to meet him/her. TJ is so excited to be a dad! I am excited but anxious... will I be a good mom or will I screw up my poor kids?? All I know is I'm steadily accumulating an entire library on pregnancy, babies, parenting, etc. Hopefully I'll be ready when the time comes (although I hear you are NEVER really "ready" to be a mom!)

Wish us luck on this next phase of life! We'll need it! :)


  1. LOVE YOU GUYS!! Such a fun post. I'm so glad you have had a fantastic last three month and so overjoyed with the news of you guys having a baby! I can hardly wait to love this new baby to pieces. You guys will both be great parents. DOn't you just love the picture of TJ caring Bennett? :) What a fun Anniversintines you guys had. :) I love the Roof!

  2. What a wonderful, exciting life you guys are having! We're so glad you are a part of our family, Ashley. The WHOLE family loves you. You're so perfect for our TJ. We're so excited about grandbaby #3. We're also grateful for the "Tender Mercies" of you guys being back in SLC! We would have worried about my children and grandchildren living in Oakland!