Sunday, March 8, 2015

Updates from the last few months...

It's been a really, really long time since I've blogged. I am just the absolute worst! I will admit it. Honestly, I haven't had the time. Things have been crazy busy around here, and I just haven't been diligent about keeping track of all our fun activities. What I'm going to do, then, is just post a bunch of pictures and talk about what happened in each of them. They'll probably be completely out of order, so just roll with it!     

Calvin loves his little y-bike he got from Aunt Melissa. It's so fun to wheel around the house! I can't wait for when it's warmer outside so he can use it on the sidewalk.

Sometimes Calvin and I make brownies and eat the batter together. He's my little sous chef! I love it. Both my boys will absolutely learn how to cook food. I'm not talking about how to follow a recipe - I'm saying they will know how to cook. Their wives will totally thank me one day. :) 

Our little Graham is just the smiley-est little man in the world! We love him so much. 

I'm really grateful to have been able to be in touch with the Zinn side of my family this past year. My cousins are pretty great! Tim and Katherine, in particular, have inspired me to be better than I am and extend myself to a cause that I am so honored to be a part of. My other cousin, Jessica, and her husband, Brian, couldn't be sweeter people. I have a lot of cousins in the area that I didn't even know about until recently. David and Nick Grant are also really fun to hang out with - I've known them since I was a geeky little middle school kid. Anyway, Tim's foundation is called Operation Underground Railroad, and you should really check it out ( TJ and I were invited to attend the premiere of their documentary, The Abolitionists, and were blown away by how incredible this movie is. Go see it when it comes to a theater near you!! And it will soon. :)

The kids and I sometimes go to the Dinoland at the South Towne Mall, mostly because it's free and because it's indoors. Well, this particular morning, their little train came by and Calvin freaked out. "Train! Train! Train! Ride train!!" I couldn't resist. I shelled out the $3 for all of us to take a ride, and it was worth it to see the excitement on his sweet little face. Presh!

I love this cute kid. He's a dream. His schedule is pretty much the same as before: two naps each day, bedtime at 7pm, three bottles and three meals. I make sure he and Calvin go down at the same time so I get an afternoon break. :) 

TJ and I got to have a night away on our anniversary thanks to Jordan and Cristal Smith. They were so sweet to sleep over and watch our kiddos for us. I felt SO BAD because Graham woke up twice that night, and he never wakes up! Poor Cristal was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. They were sure sweet to give us our first night away in over two years. We owe them big time!

TJ and I splurged on breakfast at the Grand America the next morning. It was delicious! We went back seconds and thirds... and fourths. I was a heifer and I don't even care!

Just keep being the cutest little thing ever, Graham!! He started crawling one day before reaching 10 months. Now he is everywhere... Everywhere! I forgot what it's like having a crawling baby in the house. Looks like we're going to have to re-baby-proof everything.

I got a year pass to Thanksgiving Point last week. Totally worth every penny. Calvin and I will have many, many adventures at the Museum of Natural Curiosity! He loves it there. Have you seen it?? It's seriously amazing. Hours upon hours of fun. I love having things to do in the mornings after Graham's nap. We usually pick between an errand/grocery shopping, Thanksgiving point, story time at the library, or Dinoland/park. He needs to get out before his afternoon nap or he doesn't sleep well. 

Bath time with my cuties! I love seeing them play in the bath together. So adorable.

Afterwards, it's story time with Daddy! TJ reads the kids lots of books before bed. Because I've been working so much lately, I've been heading to the library with my laptop while TJ bathes the kids and puts them to bed after he comes home from work. It's been kind of nice, actually, to get a break at 6pm every day. Who would have thought I'd call working a break?! But it totally is! Taking care of these two kiddos is super hard work. The hardest job ever. I don't care what anyone says! Anyway, I work from 6-9 at the library, until it closes, and then come home to work some more until I can't keep my eyes open. Then I repeat every day. :) I don't mind, though, because I'm actually really enjoying this project. It's been nice to use the "adult" part of my brain in the evenings. 

Well, that's it for now. I know I have lots to catch up on, but I'm just taking it one day at a time right now. :) I will post about Christmas soon! Or maybe it's been too long for that... I may just scrapbook about it privately and call it good. 

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