Sunday, November 16, 2014

Graham is six months old!

Hi, Graham! We love you so much!

Graham is seriously, for real, the easiest baby ever. EVER. He is a gift from Heavenly Father, pure and simple. He never makes a fuss, he sleeps like a dream, he is happy and smiley all the time... he's just an angel and we love him. 

Graham sleeps from 9am-10am, 12:30 to 3:30, and 5pm to 5:45. Then he sleeps from 7:00-7:00 or 7:30. He is ridiculously consistent. He does tend to sometimes wake up and talk to himself at around 5am, but he will usually just go back to sleep or we will put his paci back in. I debated weaning him from the paci completely, but he's so close to the age where he can put it back in himself that I am just waiting it out. Plus, I've been waking up at 5:30 to go running each morning, so I just put his paci in before I go if he wakes up. I think I just need to feed him more solids throughout the day, but sometimes I get sidetracked and forget. 

He has four bottles each day and three servings of solids. He is doing great! He loves to eat. He is 50th percentile for height, 30th for weight, and 40th for head. Calvin, at this age, was 7th for height and weight and 75th for head. Haha! They will be the same size soon, I think. :) It's funny about his height, because I was expecting another short baby; he was only 19 inches when he was born. But he's turning out to grow pretty fast! I'm not used to a baby who fits into the clothing he's supposed to fit into. :) 

Graham loves people. He loves me most. :) His entire body smiles when he sees me or Daddy. He makes loud squealing sounds all the time - he's just so happy, it bursts out of him! He is zero stress at church. His love and laughter are absolutely infectious. You cannot be sad while holding this sweet little boy. He loves to be tickled, kissed, pinched, talked to, whatever. He's just happy to be along for the ride! He's gotten better about being in the carseat. The only time he's not very happy is when he's missed a nap. He doesn't really know how to sleep anywhere but his crib, so we have to kind of just keep him happy if we're out and about. He's missed his third nap a few times and ended up alright, but still a little grouchier than usual. I think he'll need his third nap for a while longer than Calvin did. He can roll from his back to his tummy but not the other way around. He is sitting, too! All by himself. 

He loves his brother, and his brother loves him (most of the time). Calvin isn't aggressive toward Graham, but doesn't really know how to be extremely gentle with him yet. The few times he has hit or thrown something at Graham, I'm not sure he completely knew what he was doing. Calvin gets in huge, gigantic trouble when he does that, so maybe he is starting to know better. :) Anyway, I am hoping and praying they will be playing together soon because Calvin desperately needs a playmate.

We love you, Graham!! You are such a blessing to me!! Don't get any bigger, okay??

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