Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have such a wonderful husband!

Who is this hottie? Dang, call me... :)

I know TJ really doesn't like these kinds of public displays of mushy love stuff, but I just can't help myself today. Plus, since I've privatized the blog, I don't have very many readers and all those who do read my blog know and love TJ as it is. :) I don't think he'll mind as much. He never really reads my blog anyway, unless I mention I updated it. I mean, he doesn't have to - he lives it, right? :)

TJ is just the best. And I'm not saying that in a "he's sooo much better than your husband" kind of way - not at all. It's just a simple fact that TJ is the absolute best person in the world for me to have married. He's already so fantastic, funny, and kind - I have yet to meet someone who doesn't instantly like him. On top of all that, he's such a perfect match for me in so many ways. I am so glad the Lord brought us together, because He knew what He was doing. Here are the main reasons I love TJ and think the world of him:

1. TJ is humble, and by humble I mean truly humble. He never brags about himself - either blatantly or subtly. He lets you figure out how awesome he is just by talking to him. I remember back in my single years dating a lot of guys who felt the need to drop big hints at how great they were. For example, they would say things like, "I mean, I got a full ride scholarship to UVU, but since I was president of my high school class and captain of the football team, I got high recommendations to go to BYU from my many friends and female admirers, plus my parents agreed to pay for my tuition because of my 4.0 GPA." Or, better yet, "You know, people just don't understand how generous I am. I mean, I donate to charity, like, all the time, and no one ever realizes!" Hey guys, you're not subtle when you do that - just FYI. :)
Not TJ, though. I remember finding him so approachable and unassuming at first, I was disarmed when I learned (second-hand, by the way) that he was a really fantastic student with a ton of discipline. I learned things as our friendship went along that continually impressed me, and he never blatantly said anything. I discovered these things as time went by from friends or just from my own probing questions. It really knocked me off my feet.

2. TJ is a very, very hard worker. He doesn't do things half-baked; TJ will make sure the job is done 100% to his standard of excellence. He sets the bar very high for himself and doesn't take shortcuts - something I often do that gets me into trouble later. This was another appealing quality to me. He works very hard and would do anything to sustain us as a family. What a wonderful provider he is to us. :) I have learned so much from his example and have noticed his great traits of hard work rubbing off on me. He loves to get a full day of efficient work in and likes to feel productive. Again, I've learned a lot from this and have tried to adopt this attitude into my day - though I still am pretty darn comfortable spending an entire day doing nothing but reading and eating. :)

3. TJ is so funny. We're four years into our eternal companionship and he still makes me genuinely laugh every single day. I always knew I would be married to someone who makes me laugh because I love to laugh myself! I wouldn't say I am a funny person, but I do have a sense of humor and love to joke about the lighter side of life. TJ just has a way about him that makes me smile. He makes everyone laugh, truth be told. He has a real gift for humor and can make anyone lighten up in an instant. It's a gift I hope our children get! How fun to have a whole houseful of TJs making me laugh every day.

4. TJ is compassionate and kind. No matter what kind of day I have had, TJ can make it all better just by giving me a hug and a few words of reassurance. He is good for me in that he helps me see the brighter side of things and keeps me positive when things are hard. When I am sad or discouraged, it ruins his day because he truly shares my burdens and feels my pain right along with me. This is why he spends so much time trying to make me laugh and smile! It makes him happy, too. He just wants everyone to be happy. 

5. TJ's spirit just shines. I remember having a meeting with my old bishop at Belmont when I was RS President in my singles ward there. This occurred well before TJ and I ever began dating. He was discussing with me the effect the light of Christ has on those who have an abundance of the spirit. He mentioned only two or three people in the ward whose eyes shone with that light - and TJ was one of them. It is so true. TJ's eyes just shine with love, kindness, and humor. He has a pure heart and only wants the best for people. He is so willing to let someone else take center stage and applaud their successes without any trace of resentment. This is such a gift and an example to me. 

6. TJ is a wonderful father. The highlight of his day is seeing Calvin race to the door to greet him after coming home from work. He will often call me on his way home and beg me to keep Calvin up a little bit longer so he can see him before he goes to bed. TJ is more than willing to wake up early with Calvin so I can sleep in, and I usually hear them giggling and playing through our bedroom door. It makes me smile! I also love watching TJ go get Calvin from my baby monitor because he does it in the most fun, cute way imaginable. He'll sometimes sneak in and crawl up to his crib, or he'll sometimes burst in and say, "Hiiiiii buddy!!!" Calvin jumps up and down in his crib with excitement when dad comes to play. TJ can make Calvin laugh just by looking at him funny. It's adorable. No matter how stressful, horrible, and tiring TJ's day has been, he comes home just as happy as any other day and I love him for that.

There are many more things I could say, and perhaps this post will need a part two, but I just couldn't resist writing a few of these things down today. My heart is so full and I am so grateful to have my cutie. 

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