Monday, September 17, 2012

Yep... still pregnant (update)

Hi, friends. I wish this post was all about how I had a perfect labor and the baby has already arrived just as I imagined. Instead, I am here to report that I am still pregnant. Not only that, but my doctor feels that I will likely be pregnant for at least another week because I'm just not progressing very well. Apparently, I have the gestation period of an elephant (this one's for you, Erin :)). Is TJ part elephant or what? Maybe his family isn't telling me something... I was always suspicious about that alleged "Great-grandpa Horton".

If you want to make a grown woman cry in public, tell her this information when she is already past her due date and I promise you, the tears will flow. I was a little embarrassed to cry in the doctor's office, but just couldn't help myself. I don't mean to be a downer, and I know I should just stay positive and be happy that this little guy is healthy and will come eventually, but I guess my hormones just got to me. I fully believed I'd have had this baby by now, or at the very least have been showing SOME progress! Oh, well. I'm in a much better mental state than I was a few hours ago. The thing is, I tend to be a planner. I had planned and studied out exactly how I envisioned this whole birth thing to go down. Unfortunately, it's looking like the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen is coming to pass. My doctor and I have already scheduled an induction date for Sunday evening if my appointment with her on Friday again shows that I'm not making any progress. I had been dreading an induction my whole pregnancy because I knew it increased my chances of needing an epidural - which in turn increases my chances of needing a c-section. I've been reading a LOT of conference talks on patience lately, needless to say! I just need to understand that this is God's will. He is way smarter than me and is a much better planner. :) Maybe this is a good lesson for me - you can't plan everything and sometimes you need to just go with the flow. 

We are just so excited for this little man to join our family! It's easy to get impatient. TJ gave the baby a good talking to last night, explaining that change is inevitable and that, while cozy, he'd need to enter the world at some point! TJ suggested to me that maybe the reason the baby hasn't come yet is because our little son already peeked his head out, saw who his dad was, and then hurried back inside. :) 

Well, regardless, this baby will come at some point! We are really blessed to have such great doctors and nurses helping us along the way. At the very least, he will come soon and he will be healthy. That is the most important thing. I need to be better at counting my blessings when I get discouraged, because then I think about how lucky we've been so far and how well things have gone for us. Other women would kill to be in my position. Think positively, Ashley!

In the meantime, I've done the following to help self-induce:

1. Super spicy tacos from Taco Bell (although I think they only gave me super spicy indigestion.)
2. Evening primrose oil tablets (twice the recommended amount... oops.)
3. Red raspberry leaf tea.
4. Exercise ball bouncing.
5. Walking (they should change the primary song "Pioneer children sang as they walked" to "Desperate pregnant women sang as they walked... and walked... and walked... and walked.)
6. The other day I went over our complex's speed bump like 8 times in a row. Did nothing. :( 

Here's to hoping I go into labor naturally this week! If not, at the very latest our little man will be arriving sometime around Sunday/Monday. Hooray for the light at the end of the tunnel!!


  1. Oh man. I feel for you. I'm still a week and a half away and had a breakdown today thanks to the inevitable waiting. Mine was more due to how much I have yet to accomplish, but I'm so ready for this birth to happen!

    You're going to be amazing and I'm so excited to see this little guy!

  2. Oh Ashley!!! I am no expert on pregnancy but you are doing a most amazing job. You can do it!! Just think how much stronger you will be having waited for this baby. He must be quite the little spirit! He is just doing some last minute prep. before he comes and takes on the world. You are such lucky parents! Cant wait to smother him with Auntie Mandy Kisses :)

  3. Way to stay positive and hang in there! Desperate pregnant women didn't sing as they walked, the cried as they walk and walked! Ha ha! You are so funny. Speed bump 8 times. I love it. Just FYI- Erica Kiefer or was it Jamie? Who had pitocin and they still delivered natural? Take heart, I think that 80 percent is mental. Work with what you body is meant to do and you will be just fine!