Saturday, October 1, 2011


TJ and I used our AAdvantage Points to cash in on a (practically) free trip to Hawaii! Thanks to Brandon and Jamie's tutelage, we learned how to also get a free room upgrade at our hotel. Hello, double deluxe ocean view room! Seven days of pure paradise.

We had such a wonderfully relaxing vacation. We weren't idle though - we completely explored the island. We hiked a TON, explored all the beaches, and had shave ice every single day. :) Can I go back?

Here are some pics. I wish I could live in Hawaii.

Pali Lookout - Super windy!

He's so cute. :)

North Shore at sunset. As we drove back to the hotel, we freaked ourselves out by reading about shark attacks. Not a good idea...

We're silly.

TJ's sandcastle - modeled after "Helm's Deep"

My sandcastle. I win. :)

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