Thursday, June 9, 2011

So long, O-town! (and I'm not talking about the cheesy boy band)

Where am I, you may wonder? Read on to find out....

Hello friends! Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged. Probably because TJ and I have been busier than ever with work, apartment managing, and school. Wonderful things have happened to us recently, though! TJ received a job offer from American Salt Lake City! I was so happy when I heard about it from him and immediately knew we were supposed to take it. Things like this don't just happen by accident! I would no longer have to fly back and forth to Utah for school! I could do my internship somewhere I didn't feel scared for my life! :) After planning and packing for about a month, we hauled ourselves over the Sierra Nevadas and over into good ol' Utah. It feels great to be back. I know, I know... a lot of people wonder why we would be excited to come back to Utah when so many are desperate to flee it. TJ and I compiled a list of reasons for these people....

1. No traffic
2. No graffiti
3. No $4 gas
4. Happy Meals
5. Lower taxes
6. Inexpensive housing
7. Non-corrupt governators
8. Hires Big H
9. Fewer hobos (this may sound cruel... but you'd agree with me if you, like me, had seen a homeless man literally pooping on the sidewalk in broad daylight and/or were harassed by the same sky-high bum every day on the way to work. Ok, I'm heartless.)
10. Fewer dropout factories

There are more, I suppose. And I do love parts of California, don't get me wrong! TJ and I agree that if we had lots of money, we'd like it better (Palo Alto and Walnut Creek are super nice). And yes, we lived in not exactly the best city to live in.... I'll admit it. But still, while we traveled near and far and had a lot of fun memories, we just think Utah is better. So sue us.

The hardest part about leaving California was saying goodbye to all the friends we've made. From my Synergy Besties (Rachel and Kim, you know who you are!), to the absolutely amazing saints in the Oakland 9th ward, we love you all and are better people for having known you. As for Jamie, Brandon, and little E, we will miss you like crazy!

Wish us luck on the next chapter in our lives! Let's hope it brings fewer 16-hour days and more time for fun!


  1. my two favorite people back right where I want them!!

  2. so sad to see you go but super happy that this move is the best thing for you and tj. i hope it brings even more smiles to your already lovely face!!

  3. WELL LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! Let's get together!

  4. I totally forgot about your guys' blog, and here you are giving my family a little shout sweet of you. We miss you too!! But I'm so glad you are where you're at. Very happy for you guys!