Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Graham at Four Months

This little cutie pie is four months old already! He is such a bright light in our household. We love him! He's easygoing, sweet-tempered, and full of smiles. Here is a little bit about him: 

- He loves to smile and giggle. He smiles all the time! You only need to peer over at him and say his name and he will smile with his whole body. He's like a little, happy puppy. 

- He eats 5-6 times each day, takes 2 long naps and one short nap, and sleeps 11-12 hours at night. Need I say more?? He's perfect. I'm so glad he's a good sleeper, otherwise I would have lost my mind long ago. Heavenly Father knew I couldn't handle too much stress at once, so He sure did bless me. :) I mean, sometimes he does wake up in the night to talk to himself and may need his paci put back in, but not very often. I remember Calvin had some sleep disruptions around 4 months, so it doesn't bother me because I know it's just a phase. At least Graham doesn't seem to be doing the 45 minute nap thing that Calvin did for a few months. That was annoying! I think it's because I went back and re-read my old blog post about Calvin's sleep issues and it helped me remember what to do. There are some perks about doing this baby thing the second time around. :) 

- He is trying to roll over but can't quite make it.

- He has pretty bad eczema. :( His cradle cap is very hard to manage because his skin is dry all the time. I put lotion on him constantly! He scratches his head a lot, sometimes to the point where it bleeds. Poor little guy. We have to put socks on his hands when he sleeps so he doesn't maul himself too badly.

- He is just starting some solid foods. He likes the taste but doesn't quite know how to swallow it yet. We're working on it. :) He has tried oatmeal and bananas.

- He rarely cries. He really only cries when he is really tired or when Calvin accidentally bonks him in the head when trying to give Graham a kiss. 

- He is in the 25th percentile for height and weight and 50th for head. Calvin had dipped down to the 15th for height at this age, so I think Graham may soon catch up to his big brother in size.

- He will talk to you if you talk to him! He loves to chatter away and babble. He makes loud, squealing happy sounds when he is excited! I love it so much. 

- He spits up a lot. Watch out when you hold him, because he will probably vomit all over you. It doesn't matter if we give him a tiny bottle or a big one, he will always spit up. His doctor says since he's gaining weight and seems happy, we shouldn't worry about it. 

- He is a very special spirit. We love having him as a member of our family. 

Our schedule these days goes like this:

7am - Both boys wake up, we all eat breakfast and Graham has his first feeding.
7:30am - We say goodbye to daddy and play until Graham's first nap.
8:30am - Graham goes down for his nap and Calvin goes into his room to play while I get some chores done and get ready for our run.
10:00am - Graham is up and eats. We go for our jog in the double stroller and stop at a park afterwards.
11:30pm - We eat lunch and read stories together. Calvin practices his letters and numbers.
12:30pm - Graham has a little more to eat and then is down for a nap the same time as Calvin. And then I get some me time! I love it when the boys nap. 
3:00pm - The boys are up and Graham eats. Then we either do some "school", watch Sesame Street, or run errands. Calvin will sometimes eat a snack but not always. He likes three meals a day, apparently. 
5:00pm - Graham is down for a nap and Calvin helps me prepare dinner (in other words, he just plays at my feet with some bowls and utensils while I prepare dinner). 
6:00pm - Graham is up and has a small feed to tide him over and then we all eat dinner. Sometimes TJ is home by 6, but most days he isn't home until 6:30 or 7. :( When he does come home, TJ usually takes Calvin to the park so I can have a little quiet time with Grahammy Bear. 

7:00pm - Graham and Calvin get baths together, and TJ usually bathes Calvin while I tend to Graham. We read more stories together. TJ will read our favorite book, "Grover's Bad, Awful Day", in a funny voice that Calvin tries to mimic. It's soooo cute. 
7:30pm - Bedtime for Calvin. Graham has one last big feeding and then it's straight to bed for him, too. Then TJ and I crash. It's nice to just be able to relax together after a long day for both of us. But we sure do love our little family!

This was after he started losing all his adorable hair. So sad! His new hair is coming in very light - I can't tell if it'll be blonde or strawberry blonde. We will have to wait and see! I still think he'll have ginger hair.

Happy, happy, happy boy! 

Kisses from Calvin! Calvin knows how to do a real kiss these days - lips puckered with the smooching sound and everything. It's really cute. He loves to hug and kiss his little brother. :) Graham doesn't seem so sure, though. :) 

Don't you want to just kiss those cheeks?? 

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  1. Yay for updates! I love reading your posts. You have a fun sense of humor. I laugh out loud often. I wish there was a comment section after each sentence. Then you could know the parts I thought were funny. Calvin eating the sand, and then going back for more. That was a good one! Loved the updates. Love the sheets in the hotel room. Love your second hotel especially! It looked amazing!!! Calvin and Graham are the cutest!