Sunday, June 16, 2013

Calvin at (almost) 9 months

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I think I even missed the eight month update entirely! We have been extremely busy around here. We got a house! I will post all about that later. Still, here are some updates about our little man.

- He is getting more and more mobile every day. He isn't crawling yet, but he loves to get on all fours and just rock back and forth until he scoots himself forward. He will get there soon, I just know it! He rolls everywhere all the time. He can't stay still while holding his bottle - he rolls around until he can't drink it and then cries out of frustration until I rescue him. I've had to resort to rolling up two towels and wedging him between them when he gets his bottle so he won't roll during his feedings. :)
- He loves to grab anything and everything. He is happiest when he has a new thing to grab and rotate in his hands (and then stick in his mouth). His favorite objects make crinkly sounds when he touches them, like wet wipes containers or those toys that crunch like tissue paper when you squeeze them. He passes things from hand to hand and slowly turns them forward and backward as he studies them.
- He eats more and more of what we eat these days. We tried bits of yogurt and cheese and he seems to tolerate them alright in very small amounts. He mostly eats fruits and vegetables mixed with oatmeal, though. He can now eat by himself if you give him finger foods, though I have to portion them on his little tray or else he'll grab the whole pile and try to shove everything in his mouth at once. His favorite foods are bananas, tiny rice puffs, and potatoes. Carb-lovin' like his mom! :)
- He is saying words like "bababa" when he wants his bottle or "mamama" when he is angry and wants me. I'm not sure he knows what he is saying, but he is making those sounds! He says "dadada" but doesn't associate it with anything. He is also saying, "ight" which I think is either "hi" or "light". Either way, it's sooo cute to hear him talk!

Here is a video of Calvin making happy noises. It's about a month old. He is just looking at his own reflection. :)

- He sleeps 12.5-13 hours every night and two 1.5 hour naps during the day. It is bliss!
- He has shown no signs of stranger anxiety. None at all! It is so strange to me - I keep waiting for it to appear but it doesn't! You'd think he would have it since he stays home with me all day, but he  doesn't mind being held by someone else one bit. This makes him very popular with our ward and our friends. Everyone loves to hold him because he never puts up a fuss. He'll just reach out and grab your face or pat your shoulder. That's something he does all the time when I hold him - he just pats my shoulder as we walk around. It's pretty much the cutest thing of all time.
- He just gets cuter and cuter. We love him so much! He is the light of our lives. Don't get any bigger, little man!! This time is flying by too fast :(

Here are some fun pictures of him. Excuse the quality - they are just from my phone. I need to scrounge up my other camera and practice taking pictures with that.

Calvin's little girlfriend Vivian. She is just too cute. 


Sleepy boy! This was the day of the move. We were ALL super tired. This face shows it all.

TJ got me a new jogging stroller for my birthday! It's fantastic!! So lightweight and smooth. Calvin absolutely loves it. He's really bundled up here because it was a windy, chilly day. 

I see you!

He must have learned this face from dad. :) 

So handsome for church! Thanks for the outfit, Mandy and Chad! There's a tie that is supposed to go with this suit, but Calvin's fat little neck won't allow us to button his top button. Sad.

His first high-chair. He loves it! He knows he's about to eat when I strap him in and gets really excited every time.

Stick this kid in a box and he's as happy as can be. TJ will pretend to close the top up and say, "We're packing you up, buddy!" I always get mad at him when he does this. :) 

Look who's big enough to sit in the cart all by himself!

Little sweetie pie. I love how his chin disappears when he grins. :) 

Happy first Father's day to my sweet husband. Teeje is the world's best dad. No one loves his son more than TJ loves Calvin. I just love my two boys! 

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  1. I enjoyed reading all your updates! It's so fun to see Calvin though pictures. I loved the video. So funny! I love your newly painted wall too. I'm excited what the Java color looks like in the kitchen. So funny they did granite downstairs, but not upstairs. I'm glad you guys found a home. You seem so happy about it and I can't wait to stay in it! I enjoyed reading your day to day routine as well. Now I know why my kids didn't walk until they were 16 months old...I forgot to practice with them! Silly me! Next child will be walking by 12 months for sure! You watch. I love how you are practicing such developmental skills with Calvin.