Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lights at Temple Square

 One of my favorite traditions of all time is seeing the beautiful lights at Temple Square during the holidays. In fact, it was one of the many reasons I was so excited to move back to Salt Lake City when TJ got his job offer here. This year, it was extra special because I got to share this experience with my sweet son. There is such a wonderful spirit that exists at Temple Square, and that spirit gets even more magnified when the lights twinkle in the crisp Fall air.

We had to really bundle this guy up before leaving because it was pretty cold out. He looked SO CUTE in his little fur onesie and hat.

I really liked seeing these cute decorative bags light up over the lights that line the walkways. Each one was unique and Christmas themed. This one was my favorite.

I thought the lights that floated in the fountain around this manger scene were especially beautiful.

 Me and my Mr. Man! He loves being bundled close to me in this little carrier. I use it all the time while doing errands. He definitely prefers it over the carseat. It's so funny to me how he can fall asleep in that thing so easily, even though he's upright and his head is kind of bobbling back and forth. You'd think the carseat would be more comfortable, but nope. Not for this guy. :)

We are best buddies, me and Calvin. I can't wait for all the fun adventures we will be going on in the years to come. 

I wonder how long it takes them to decorate for the season. It's just so gorgeous every year! I'm really glad we are close by so we can enjoy it. Even though Calvin was asleep most of the time, I saw him wide-eyed and alert for a few minutes, soaking in the beauty of his surroundings. How exciting that we can make this a yearly tradition. In fact, the day we did this little activity coincided with the anniversary of the day TJ proposed to me at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle over 3 years ago. Look at us now! A master's degree, three jobs, and a baby later. I'm so glad I tricked him into marrying me :) It was the best decision I've ever made. I love my cute family!


  1. Cute little Calvin all bundled up!! Love him! That will be a fun tradition for you guys.

  2. Ashley, you and your family are so beautiful, I'm so happy for you!!! xo - kristin everson