Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I like California, BUT......

.....there are quite a few things I could do without. Especially the traffic. It's like an annoying solicitor....always around at the time of least convenience. There is no such thing as simply hopping on the freeway anymore. I need a plan of attack for every outing - namely, Google maps.

Luckily, I usually have TJ and his iPhone with me when we drive. "Teeje," I say, "it's all red going this way - we need to cut across Grand, take a right on Fern, do a u-turn onto Elm and zip over to the on-ramp against oncoming traffic.... Just trust me!" We usually end up alright, except traffic sneaks up on you out of the blue...and then you're stuck for hours. Literally! Before you even realize what's happened, you've just passed the last exit off the highway and are heading for a one-way ($6) ticket over the bay bridge! Cars are bumper to bumper as far as the eye can see. I'm normally a calm person, but traffic just gets to me. I could never commute to the city for work - forget it! My job gives me a reverse commute, for which I am eternally grateful.

A couple other things that need to go in California....
1. Ridiculously overpriced traffic tickets. Since when is running a red light $500?? (TJ did it, not me! On our way to church, no less...)
2. For that matter, overpriced everything! Oh, you pay $250 for your two story condo in Vermont? I pay $1500 for a 100sq foot tool-shed in some random guy's backyard (that does not include water, garbage, parking, or property tax).
3. Basically everything that bugs me about this place has to do with expenses - paid parking, $15 blocks of cheese, $3.30 gas, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love it here. I love the beautiful weather and all the fun things to do. I love the people and the restaurants and the shows and sights. I just don't like the pricetag that comes along with them. All the more reason to make my millions selling my delicious whoopie pies. :) That way I can live here and not gripe about the cost. I'd post the recipe but it's a closely held secret! Sorry. Just look for Ashley's Whoopies, coming to a Whole Foods near you!


  1. I just had my first Ashely's Woopies, and I testify, they are fabulous!!! You will make your millions in no time! I hate the cost of living here too. But for now I'm enjoying the weather and fun that comes a long with it.

  2. You know if you want to get rid of that $1500 rent we have an awesome 1 bedroom for rent for $1175! Just saying. And you couldn't beat the location. Same floor as West even!!! ;o)