Sunday, April 25, 2010

Half Moon Bay

Since TJ came home Friday at 11:00 pm and had to fly out again this afternoon (this time to Ohio), we wanted to do something really fun on Saturday - our way of cramming six days of fun into one :) We decided to go to Half Moon Bay, a beautiful coastal region south of San Francisco. The weather was perfect! Seventy degrees without a cloud in the sky. We had a little picnic on the beach. TJ took the reins and made us sandwiches - pastrami with cheddar, pickles, spinach, and honey mustard on wheat bread. He's becoming quite the chef! The other day, he even scrambled his own eggs. I was so proud :)

Here's what the beach looked like. No crowds at all - just perfectly clear water, warm sands, and gentle breezes. We got really lucky.
It took TJ all of five seconds before he sprinted towards the water to play in the small waves. He made me get my feet wet, too. The water was freezing, but it's been years since I've touched the ocean so I'm glad he made me do it :) We couldn't get over how crystal-clear the water was. What a pretty day!
We also were able to celebrate his birthday properly. I made a small, two-layer vanilla cake - TJ said it was so good he couldn't help but make noises when he ate it. When I told him to make a wish before blowing out the candles, he said, "But I already have you!" Even though I know he really wished for the new iPhone 4G, it still melted my heart. :) What a lucky girl I am!
He even brought me back a gift from New York City! A signed picture of the one and only JoBros. Not that I'm necessarily a Jonas Brothers fan.... but he got it for sentimental reasons. Our first kiss was after Stadium of Fire last year, the one where the Jonas Brothers performed. We put the picture up at our place and smile when we look at it. :)


  1. I honestly laughed throughout reading that! Oh Teej! You two make me so happy inside! :)

  2. Hi Ash! It's your soon to be neighbor. Love the blog. Miss you and Teej (but not for long!!)